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About Polyroom

Everyone at Polyroom Spatial CGi has either a visualising or architectural background, this has given us a genuine understanding of composition and visual impact that’s transferred into state of the art computer generated illustrations.

We can provide you with still images and animations, coloured and extruded floor plans, images for advertising and marketing and planning submissions. Along with larger scale developments we’re just as suited to smaller, shorter term projects such as conservatory, extension and renovation design images.

Polyroom can also offer an extensive choice of either professionally or previously created models from our immense 60GB library of 3D models. Modelling takes time and obviously time translates into money, so to have such a huge choice of readymade models massively reduces the cost of your project images. Included here are just a couple of examples of the type of objects that are available. We can send over further collections of what we have, just drop us a line or call. We could, in theory, pull together a highly detailed and professionally textured example room populated with readymade models for as little as £200.00

We feel confident that whatever your budget or requirements, Polyroom will have a visual solution.