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Polyroom Process

The illustrators at Polyroom are committed to making your experience as smooth and straightforward as possible. If things become confusing or misleading, then we have failed at our job at a time when client loyalty and repeat work has never been so important. We understand that some potential clients have never had the need to have an illustration produced, so the whole procedure may seem a little new and while no two projects are the same, over the years we’ve found it beneficial to outline the process that remains pretty constant whatever the requirements are. This is by no means set in stone, indeed the vast majority of projects seem to flow without any need for even the loosest structuring.

After the initial contact, you the client supply Polyroom with as much paper, electronic and visual information as possible with which we can pull together a quotation. Once we’ve agreed the costs we can give you a completion date based on the information you’ve provided. If you like we’ll send images as they’re being produced but please note that these images are not for amending, they are simply showing the ‘work in progress’. Once the images have been completed to the brief supplied, you’re allowed two reasonable amendments, such as changing paint colours or textures, moving furniture, changes in lighting or minor structural details. Then after this, there will normally be a charge of £25 per hour for any additional amendments.

VERY IMPORTANT – If you’re using the images as a design tool, that is introducing new details or changing the brief as you see the image progressing, we hope you understand there may be an extension to the completion date which will equate to cost increases.

Once completed and you’re delighted with your images or animations we can supply you with the finished article electronically in the typical formats. Unfortunately though, if you require a print we would ask you to arrange this yourselves as printers and monitor setups differ greatly from each other.

As we said before, we’ve found through experience that nothing should be set in stone so please call, even if it’s just advise you’re after.

Wireframe Model showing Polyroom Process